Iron man vs Superman

There is no doubt that iron man is the most powerful superhero in the marvel cinematic universe and it is also true that iron man is the most favorite character of people of all generation who watch marvel movies closely. And as a marvel fan,every person must have thought at one time or the order that if ever Iron man’s collision would held with DC’s most powerful superhero(superman), then who will win this epic battle. Most people would think that superman would easily defeat iron man because he is not a human, he is man of another planet called krypton which helps him absorbing solar energy and giving him superhuman powers. But it is not like that at all, we have once seen Batman collision with superman and also saw how he defeated superman without power. Today we are going to see some such ways by which Iron Man can easily defeat Superman.

1.) Intelligent And Clever Minded

Iron man scene from infinity war

Before knowing the power of Iron man, let us see who is the person behind that suit. And we all know that he is none other than Tony Stark. Before becoming iron man, Tony was a businessman, philanthropist and a rocket scientist. Like his father Howard Stark, he is a prodigy with a mind faster than a machine. We saw in the first part of iron man that when he was left to die in a cave by a group of terrorists, he made a war suit out of some things lying there.

2.) King Of Technology: Iron Man

Iron man scene from iron man1

We all have seen in movies how tony stark upgrades iron man’s suits according to the situation. Whether it’s the hulkbuster suit during a fight with the hulk or upgrading suits in the climax of Iron man 3, Tony stark is always up for upgrades of all kinds. So even if he gets to fight with superman, he will still bring some upgrades in his suit so that superman might not be able to stand in front of him.

3.) Superman’s Weakness

A Scene from the comic Batman vs Superman

We all know how batman defeated superman how batman weakened superman’s muscles with the help of kryptonite and then almost killed him. If iron man gets to know about Green Kryptonite and he uses it against superman in his suit, then he can easily defeat superman. This is one of the biggest reasons that superman can’t stand against iron man

4.) Superman’s Humanity

Superman scene from the movie Batman vs Superman

We should also take a look at the nature of these two superheroes. If we talk about Iron Man(Tony Stark) , then Tony is a very arrogant and angry person. If there is a fight between these two tomorrow, there is very little chance that Tony will show any kind of mercy to Superman. To him he is only an opponent and he can see him only from the point of view of his enemy. But if we talk about Clark Kent, then his nature is completely opposite to Tony. Clark is a very sensible man and he was always taught by his father that how we should help others and how do not expect anything in return from them. So there are high chances that Superman will show mercy on Iron Man, he will not kill him and one theory is even more possible that Iron Man will offer him to join the Avengers.

5.) Iron man allies with Batman

Batman and iron man fan made poster

There can also be a fan theory that when Batman goes to fight Superman and if Iron Man helps him in that timeline, then both of them can kill Superman by becoming allies. Both can become perfect allies because both of their lives are very similar. Tony is an orphan and Bruce Wayne is also an orphan.Tony and Bruce are both very big businessmen and both have lots of money. Both have greatest of the greatest technology. So chances are high that if both get together then they can kill superman easily.


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